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Dental News Letter

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All about Matting on your Pets

dog grooming dog matting

Let's talk about matting on your pet

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Importance of Bathing Your Dog Regularly

Hello fellow pet owners! In this issue of the Were nuts about mutts news letter , we're focusing on the importance of regular baths for your dog. While it may be tempting to skip baths or only give them occasionally, regular baths are essential part of your dog's overall health and well -being. Here are some reason why it's so important to give your dog regular baths: Removes dirt and debris: baths help remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can accumulate on your dog's coat . this can help prevent skin irritation and infections.  Control shedding: Regular baths can...

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Dog Grooming News Letter

Hello fellow pet owners ! Welcome to the first edition of the Were Nuts About Mutts grooming news. We're excited to bring you updates on all things dog grooming, as well as some tips and tricks for keeping your furry friends looking and feeling their best. In this issue, we're focusing on the importance of regular grooming for your dog's health and well being. Did you know that regular grooming can help prevent matting, reduce the risk of skin infections ,and keep your dog looking and smelling fresh ? It's also a great opportunity to check for any lumps, bumps...

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